Hemp Science Centre Initiative Kickoff

MHIRA together with THREE national public education institutes entered into a collaboration under the HSC – Hemp Science Center program. The HSC program will bring together researchers and experts in the development of science on the topic of Hemp. The first focus will involve cooperation involving sources of ‘advanced industrial materials’ or Advance Material Applications for more sustainable industrial use. With the signing of the collaboration between MHIRA and USM (School of Civil Engineering), the involvement and cooperation in the topic of Hemp will give advantages and benefits to stakeholders including agencies and the government in Malaysia. 

Handover of MOU with Ts. Ir. Dr. Izwan Johari from the School of Civil Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia

As the first hemp science center initiated by MHIRA, in collaboration with local researchers, HSC also involves a network of researchers and universities in several Asian and global countries. Hopefully, MHIRA’s ambition to drive the development of Hemp at a higher level will help Malaysia not to be left behind in topics involving the development of downstream industries as well as a more proactive ESG framework.

The progressive steps of higher education institutes in Malaysia are becoming more evident after the Minister of Health and Ministry of Health government officials visited and studied in Thailand in conjunction with the APEC 2022 conference. In addition to having no psychotropic effects, CBD is also reported to help several disease symptoms such as mental health issues, cancer, depression, and many other alternative treatment options in health management.