Who we are


An organisation that leads Industrial Hemp in Malaysia as a sustainable industrial resource & to create awareness with education by building the bridge that connects both community & governmental level.


To assist the government in legalizing Industrial Hemp & support the local community and industry players in reforming this sustainable resource in Malaysia with the right set of standard & quality.

  1. Working alongside with governmental agencies & the ministries in creating a sustainable structure within the Industrial Hemp as a resource that benefits the community in terms of social & economy aspects.
  2. Creating awareness within the governmental agencies & also at the public level on benefits of Industrial Hemp as a sustainable resource.
  3. Align the vision of 2030 for Malaysia with the 4th industrial revolution that is happening at the global level.
  4. Setting the right framework for the ASEAN region.
  5. Become the one organisation representing Malaysia in the Industrial Hemp sector.


To reach out to local partners, governmental agencies & the community at large and create a high level of awareness in the benefits of Industrial Hemp so legalization of Industrial Hemp can follow through and be implemented with a set of a framework.

  1. Assist government agencies & ministries in setting up the Industrial Hemp framework on their part of regulation before public legalization.
  2. Leveraging & organising talks/events/showcase/workshop on Industrial Hemp as part of education & awareness thus preparing the local community to start working on Industrial Hemp.
  3. Continual effort in reaching out to global industries & organisation in spreading the right education for a sustainable Industrial Hemp sector.
  4. Provide a training module in relation to Industrial Hemp for Malaysia
  5. Partnering with industrial players in Malaysia to undergo R&D works on Industrial Hemp in the achievement of having locally produced Hemp products that benefit the community, economy & technological advancement.
  6. Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Industrial Hemp to achieve the 2030 vision by leveraging on international networks.
  7. Working alongside with sponsors & funders in generating more activities revolving around Industrial Hemp.