Maszeli Mohammad Wee

Maszeli Mohammad Wee is a researcher who studies on Japanese socio-politics, especially on Japanese government policy. At the University of Malaya, Maszeli studied Japanese industrial and agricultural policies that can be applied in Malaysia to raise public awareness on political issues that play an important role in the formation of government policy guided by two experts in two areas namely Japanese politics and agricultural policy to develop economic opportunities based on agriculture (Dr. Asmadi bin Hassan–Japanese politics) and (Dr. Alias ‚Äč‚ÄčAbdullah–Japan Agricultural Economic). He made a study on hemp plant in Kanuma village, Tochigi in 2018 and received sponsorship from The Japanese Chamber of Trade & Industry Malaysia (JACTIM) and sponsorship from The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur during the presentation of his title in Indonesia. He is in the process of completing his master’s thesis in the field of Japanese hemp cultivation policy related to the confusion and use of hemp in Japan. This study is to see to what extent the use of hemp can be developed and benefit the Japanese people and hope Malaysia will accept this hemp plant as an opportunity to develop socio-economic for the B40 level.