Eric Perreira

Assistant researcher on the research team of MHIRA since the year 2020 working on collaboration and compilation of relevant research information and knowledge in the field of hemp in Malaysia. Under this role, the objective is towards understanding the existing research of Cannabis (Hemp) based on the regulations of the Malaysian government to allow for comprehensive sharing of knowledge on the subject with researches and entrepreneurs. Having previous experience in the engineering and research field working with various research papers and guidelines, the skills of understanding guidelines and laws related to research on cannabis and hemp.

With previous experience in the field of research, a deep interest in the potential of Hemp as a raw material to develop high-value end products in Malaysia gives him the drive to go deeper into the field of research on Hemp. The climate and socio-economy in Malaysia present a great potential for the research and development of Hemp as a miracle crop to drive the economy for the production of products worthy for demand worldwide.

His goals as a research assistant in MHIRA is to develop a comprehensive guideline and framework which will allow for a more guided journey into Hemp research and industrial development in Malaysia. The Cannabis plant is a complicated plant, possessing various properties dependent upon its strain which requires in depth research and understanding to distinguish its potential pros and cons. MHIRA intends to distinguish and educate the public on the understanding of the Cannabis plant. It is true that the Cannabis plant still has a potential to be abused as a psychoactive substance and drug if not cultivated in the context of Hemp (which has a THC concentration below 0.03%). Therefore, the research team role is to identify the differences in the Cannabis plants and provides education to the public on the properties and differences of Hemp. It opens opportunity for networking with Cannabis researches globally to have an in depth understanding on the existing research of Hemp and Cannabis globally which guides Malaysians on understanding the necessary regulations for Cannabis and Hemp research. 

The role has allowed him to act as a moderator in sharing knowledge related to the Laws and Regulations of Cannabis and Hemp in Malaysia with various members of MHIRA and to discuss the subject with global researches working in the advocation of Cannabis Decriminalization and Medical cannabis field. His biggest achievement in the role working with MHIRA would be a success in moderating the Kanna Hemp Summit hosted by MHIRA which was an online forum and discussion related to the research of medical cannabis & industrial hemp. The forum was attended by world-renowned Cannabis advocates and Medical researchers that enlightened the members of MHIRA of the various developments and organizations such as the WHO & CNDC which is involved in the decriminalization and education of the cannabis worldwide. The keen interest of the youth in Malaysia in the field of Hemp proves that with adequate research and regulation, a novel industry is in the horizon which is what drives him to contribute in this role with utmost commitment.