Associate Prof. Dr. Haliza Abdul Mutalib

Dr. Haliza Abdul Mutalib is an Associate Professor in Centre for Community Health Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia since year 2008. She obtained her BOptom (Hons) in 1993 from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and was conferred MSc in Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences (1997) and a PhD (Optometry) from UMIST, United Kingdom in 2000. She specializes in Contact Lenses & Corneal Morphology and has been appointed as consultant in various contact lens industries, college & university programs, NGO and national associations. Her current research interests are on morphological changes in contact lens wear, observation of physiological corneal cell changes using confocal microscopy, therapeutic and specialty contact lenses, and other topics related to contact lenses. She has produced KEJORA eyelid cleanser using the Virgin Coconut Oil as one of its main ingredients through many years of research. She is also actively involved as the coordinator for Klinik Optometri Bergerak UKM which actively involved in community eye screening all over Malaysia which has won her an award in 2014. Recently she is very much involved in clinical investigation on medicinal cannabis and the effect on the physiological state of the eye and eye diseases. She has run several case studies using cannabis on conditions such as eye stroke, eye cancer, MEWDS disease and depression.