HSC Executive TCM Tour

Explore Traditional & Integrative Medicine in Hatyai & Songkhla, Thailand, Nov 2023 & Jan 2024. Join HSC Executive Tour TCM Edition for education & certification

HSC Executive Tour 4.0

Discover Cannabis & Hemp Innovations in Bangkok & Ayutthaya, Thailand, 20-23 Nov 2023. Join HSC Executive Tour 4.0 for immersive education and insights.

HSC Executive Tour 3.0

Close up of marijuana growing for a medical marijuana supplier. There is someone who is looking at the leaves to make sure it is a healthy crop.

22-25 February 2023 Chiang Mai & Golden Triangle, Thailand Note: Please fill in the Confirmation Form before signing up for the HSC Executive Tour program. This educational trip is dedicated… Continue reading HSC Executive Tour 3.0